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Schiedel Product Guarantee System


Request form for claiming your Guarantee

Before you proceed with making changes please read the Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions
Please note in order to claim your guarantee you must have followed the Schiedel guidelines. The product must have been registered by the householder and the chimney must be:
1. Correctly sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, current Building Regulations and relevant British and European standards.
2. Maintained correctly by a qualified and competent person and maintenance records kept updated for both appliance and system chimney.
3. Used in combination with an appliance burning only approved fuels in accordance with Schiedel Chimney Systems and the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.
Documents that need to be provided to Schiedel are:
1. Chimney sweep’s certificate.
2. All service, maintenance and installation records.
I agree to the terms and conditions
Please note our Privacy Policy on which data used by the Schiedel Chimney Ltd. is based on.
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